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Andy has been a Home Inspector since 2008. He is licensed in the State of Florida, a HUD Approval Consultant since 2015 and a member of InterNACHI since 2008. The knowledge that he brings to your Inspections is from being involved in Construction with both personal and professional projects for many years.

Andy has a wife of over 30 years along with 2 sons and a grandson. He understands and knows what is needed to insure to a family if a home is suitable or has issues.
We work hand in hand with Homeowners, Realtors, Buyers/Sellers, Insurance Agents, and Banks. Whether you are a Buyer needing the confidence that everything is ok and in good working order, the Seller being reassured the home is in good condition, the Realtor confirming the home is checked by State Certified Inspector or the Insurance Agent needing an Inspection to give credit on a Homeowner’s Policy.

If you are building new and need the assurance all is in line or doing a Renovation loan, we are your inspector! We are dedicated to meet your needs.

We are Licensed by the State of Florida, approved by HUD, Insured, and Bonded.

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To take care of our clients whether a single mom, a first home, or even your 3rd home. Our goal is to make you as knowledgeable as possible.

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We specialize in quality Home inspections. We strive to provide our clients with a high-quality professional home inspection service.